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Hunting and Shooting with the Modern Sporting Rifle (AR-15/AR-10)
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     General Discussions
Check In Here First
Tell us about yourself.
753 268 New to msrhunt
by msrhunt
2nd Amendment
Discussion and News related to our constitutional Rights
102 48 No more "Good Cause" to carry...
by sgtsandman
The Camp Chatter
General Discussion
371 92 Brass vs. Steel case article
by sgtsandman
A forum for the Christian Tradition.
42 6 Christian Prepping
by msrhunt
     MSR Calibers
5.56mm and 223 Remington 137 22 white oak armament
by nobody
22 Nosler
22 Nosler AR15
2 1 20" barrels shooting much bet...
by msrhunt
6.5 Grendel Cave
6.5mm Grendel, Grendel II, 6.5 Sporter, 6.5 CSS and 264 LBC.
2748 304 my 6.5 grendel project is com...
by msrhunt
6.8 Crew
6.8SPC and 6.8SPC II
214 40 Barrett & the 6.8 again
by Constructor
270AR 623 34 270Ar headspace
by outdoorman14
277 Wolverine
The 277 Wolverine
49 5 277 Wolverine to SAAMI your h...
by biggdawg
7mm Valkyrie AR 152 23 Why the magazine bulge?
by SteveM
7.62 X39 Commie Lovers 55 8 Inexpensive Barrel and Bolt f...
by 22_boomer
300 BLK 82 11 300BLK Hunt Success Thread.
by Jayhawkhuntclub
30 Remington AR 906 60 30 rem ar
by amyctc5
The Big Bores
450 Bushmaster, .50 Beowulf, 458 SOCOM etc..
233 35 ISO: mil spec upper to big b...
by Logant51
AR 308's, 260 Remington, 7mm08, 6.5 Creedmore.
203 34 Parts for Remington/DPMS GII
by msrhunt
Wizz Bangs
300 OSSM's and other magniums
25 6 Value of .300 OSSM Gamestalke...
by Bumpin' Yota
Stray Cats
375 Reaper, 7mm Valkyrie AR, 277 Wolverine and other cats
609 46 6mm-50 beowulf
by Bumpin' Yota
     The Hunt
Big Game
Elk, Moose etc.
33 3 Whats the best AR-15 big game...
by iclick
Medium Game
Deer, Antelope, and Caribou.
81 26 Hunting Axis with the 6.8
by msrhunt
Hunting Boar
Feral Pigs, Boar and Hybrids
182 52 Hunting at work!
by Linda
Varmint Hunting
Coyotes, Prairie Dogs etc.
83 27 My just turned 10 first bobca...
by mark david
Hunting Clothing 13 2 Hunting Boots.
by sgtsandman
Hunting bear with a MSR.
2 1 bear hunting with the modern ...
by msrhunt
Camping Gear
Tents, Cooking Gear, Sleeping Bags etc..
3 2 Water filters
by simpleman
Daypacks, overnight packs and multiday trips
11 2 The USMC ILBE as a hunting ba...
by Toetagger
     Range Time
Long Range Shooting
Going the Distance
43 8 Taking the Grendel to a Mile....
by nobody
Competitive Shooting
Three Gun, F Class, Match Rifle, Service Rifle, etc.
12 3 CMP service rifle @ Camp Perr...
by steve satern
Recreational Shooting
Sending Lead Down Range
19 4 Fostech Echo Trigger - First ...
by Nomad636
     The Smithery
Home Gunsmithing and Rifle Building 448 69 Lapping an upper
by msrhunt
The Reloading Bench 233 61 6.5 Grendel - Primers?
by dgunnut
Handguards and Stocks 124 18 Matrix Arms Free Float Handgu...
by intohuntin
Gun cleaning 6 1 Bcg cleaning
by Roguer
Barrels and Bolts 34 6 Barrel Nitriding
by Marko/IL
Scopes 110 24 Leupold VX3i LRP Review
by Charlie Noak
Trouble Shooting
What went wrong?
9 2 Took my ARP 223 wylde out tod...
by USAF007
     The Campfire
Show us your MSR
That sexy piece of aluminum and plastic.
143 53 6.8 SPC
by kg4kpg
Wild Game and Outdoor Cooking
Campfire, dutch oven and wild game cooking.
28 17 Squirrel Recipes?
by Jon W
Hunting Stories and Pics 35 9 1st hunt with my 300 wsm
by ejipner
Hunting Video's
Got a good video?
35 13 6.5 Grendel Avulsion and Evis...
by Buttermilk
Outdoor survival and bugout bags
The Crazy Corner.
28 6 Practical Prepping Pastor Per...
by msrhunt
     The Gun Show
Group Buys
Organize our group buys on this topic.
2132 53 16in .12.7X42 (50 Beowulf com...
by Bumpin' Yota
Sales and Trades 182 79 [WTS] 16" Satern cut rifled G...
by HeaterByMyPeter
Its finally in Stock!!
Post up your in stock finds here!!
89 43 Anderson 16″ 6.5 Grendel Ba...
by Trapeze
     Communications and other Tech
Radios and other communications 17 3 Baofeng UV5R
by simpleman
Hunting/Ballistic apps and other software 10 2 ballistic apps
by sgtsandman
GPS's, Cams and other Tech
GPS's, Game cams, and other Tech
11 4 Redfield Raider 600A Rangfind...
by msrhunt

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