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AR Hunting, Preparedness and Survival
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Borrego Bob

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This years hunt we went to Caribou National Forest in Idaho near Montpelier. We camped just north of the Montpelier Res in an area we later learned the locals called the "California Militia Camp". As in the area we hunted was filled with a bunch of California imports like us. Is was way to many folks from California and near by states like Washington and Utah. We got there Sunday late afternoon just in time to set up camp before dark. That left no time to get the lay of the place. Opening around 10AM my son spotted a 3X3 jumped out of the jeep and took to hasty of a shot and missed. The buck headed into think "quakies" and escaped. Later that afterrnoon he spotted a nice size Mule doe and decided to take it. I think he would have past of it but he was a little down on himself for missing the 3X3. He shot the deer at about 60 yards in the frontal chest with a 123gr SST handload over 31.3gr of CFE223. The round destroyed the heart and had jacket separation with the lead piece stopping at the stomach lining and the copper continuing for another 6 inches above the stomach. Both pieces were recovered. The place where we were hunting was to crowded for my taste it took several days but we found a place or more accurately shown a place on Friday that still had bucks and no crowds on BLM land. I missed a 2X3 unfortunately a bad case of buck fever. Saturday it rained and could not get back to the spot as the clay roads turned into incredibly slick slop. 




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