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Borrego Bob

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It seems like people have strong opinions on Serpa holsters. I ordered a side holster for my 1911 to use while hunting. What are your thoughts. The key here is hunting not the zombie apocalypse or other Red Dawn scenario.  Also keep in mind its for a 1911 with a safety not a Glock. I would not use it with a Glock.


I don't want a chest rig and i hunt with my rifle across my chest and that would interfere. I think the belt holser would just push my pants down and i'm already fighting that lol. In the Navy when working security i used a thigh holster as well so i guess whats what i'm used to.
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Paul G

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We've talked about this on Facebook, but I think I can add a little more to that. There is controversy with serpa holsters, the most common is that it causes people to cap themselves in the leg. I don't get it. My finger doesn't curl in to push the release. It's in the same position as when it's outside the trigger guard going down the frame of the gun. I'm thinking that in order for somebody to do that there must already be some bad habits in place.
Some Cops have complained that the holster is actually built kind of weak and that if bad guy grabs the butt of your gun and pulls outward hard enough, it'll split apart and release the gun. Okay.
I've jogged with a serpa in the woods and tripped over a root in the trail and bailed pretty hard down the side of a hill. The holster did its job.
What I don't like about it.
Sticks out too far when conceal carrying.
Uncomfortable when driving with s seatbelt on.
What I like:
Comfortable on the hip while hiking.
The plastic construction is good for hiking in wet weather.

I switched to a thumb break design from DeSantis later on. I like it more when conceal carrying a full size.
However, Craig, thumb break holster don't seem to work well with 1911s. They interfere with the safety and many are designed to Ben worn with the hammer down, which sucks for a defensive handgun.

Just some more rambling thoughts on this.


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I like mine.  I use the thigh holster model for my Canik TP9SF and S&W SD9VE and have never had a problem with them actuating the trigger and the finger placement is perfect for after the pistol is pulled for the side of the slide.

I have belt models for my 1911, SD9VE, and Taurus Judge.  I like them so much I want to get one for my SA XDs.

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