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AR Hunting, Preparedness and Survival
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Borrego Bob

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In my opinion to be a multipurpose hunting caliber it needs to have at least a 400 yard effective range and be effective on medium game down to varmints. If your velocity drops below 1800fps before 200 yards you have a more specialty caliber. I'm scoring on ballistics, available parts, loaded ammo and brass. Whats your opinion?

1. 6.5 Grendel II
Its number one because its got good ballistics, easy to find parts and has consistent sources of commercial ammo. A 16in Grendel with commercial ammo makes the 400 yard required range with commercial hornady SST. While parts were once a problem such as barrels and bolts they are now easy to find by new comers like Maxim Firearms and Underground Tactical.

2. 6.8 SPC II
Number two it has a wide variety of commercially available ammo beating the Grendel in that department but needs a 20in barrel to get to the 400 yard effective range cutoff. Parts are widely available from both high quality to entry barrels from Palmetto State. Brass can be harder to find than Grendel but has a very good assortment of bullets to choose from for hunting.

3. 30 Remington AR
Should be number one with handloads of 150gr Nosler BT getting close to the same hunting range as a Grendel shooting a 123gr SST. The problem is though building one has been impossible since the introduction with just becoming possible via some parts from ARP and barrels from Mcgowen. Getting brass for reloading also is almost impossible.  If you buy a commercial rifle from Remington you can't get a spare bolt. Its a great hunting AR caliber but Remington isn't supporting it to the level that would take it more main stream. Brass can not be converted from another caliber. Commercial ammo though is easy to find online. 

4. 270 AR
Probably the best ballistics in the AR platform with handloaders getting in the mid 2900's from a 120gr SST. If your an experienced handloader this is the caliber to get. Its toward the bottom because its a handloader wildcat that required brass be cut from 6.5 Creedmore. Which is actually better than the 30RAR because at least a handloader can make his own brass. Its designed for the 130gr weight of pill which gets the BC in the 400's. The .277 cal has a very nice large selection of hunting bullets in the 130gr weight. Even 140gr soft points are possible with this caliber. If premade brass was available it would beat out the 30RAR. If commercial ammo was available it would be number 1 or 2.

5. 300 OSSM
An AR-15 with 30-06 performance. Sounds awesome right!! The down side is you can't build one and brass is impossible to find and loaded ammo is very expensive. 

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I would think that 7mm-08 as well as .308 Winchester in AR calibers would do well for at least 400 yards.

In the LR308 (DPMS style) also a .243 would be a pretty good cartridge for most deer shots and all the way down to prairie dogs and ground hogs (wood chucks here in MI - same animal).

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