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I was lookin at dasher brass not too long ago. Then Bigdawg went ahead and got some to play with and I saw how easy it was for him. Considering how similar the cases are I decided I get some for myself. I haven't formed any 6BR brass yet. Everything I have came formed. I have the Whidden hydraulic forming setup. I just haven't used it yet.

So I picked up a Sinclair sizing mandrel. I got some dasher brass. The brass arrived today. I quickly tried it out. The RCBS shell holder was a no go. The dasher brass has a thicker case rim. Bullets.com sell shell holders which I will be buying. Luckily the Whidden hydraulic die shell holder fit all but 5 cases. Some were pretty darn tight too.

This is stupid easy. Once you neck up the sizing only pushes the shoulder back to 30degree vs the 40degree of the dasher. Minimal fuss.

Step 1: Necked up
Step 2: Sized with out decapping assembly
Step 3: Trim

Left to right in the pic.

6mm dasher
6mm dasher necked up to 6.5mm
6mm dasher ran through 6.5 BRX die
6.5 BRX made from 6mm BR

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