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AR Hunting, Preparedness and Survival
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I need help finding the "best" medium bore AR caliber for me. From .338 to .375.

I see the .375 SOCOM, .358 SOCOM, .358 Yeti, and .358 MGP. The SOCOM's have the biggest powder volume but the largest body diameter which limits chamber pressure before bolt thrust limits are reached. The small body diameter of the .358 MGP yields the smallest powder volume but allows for the highest chamber pressure before bolt thrust limits are exceeded.  I'm guessing that the powder volume/chamber pressure trade off balances out and means that all three will have about the same maximum performance? Unless one or more are offered with a larger bolt/barrel extension/upper like the ones developed for the .30 RAR to increase allowable bolt thrust. Is anyone offering barrels, bolts, and uppers based on the Remington .30 RAR set up?

When I hunt with my .458 SOCOM I use 4 round magazines to save weight and limit protrusions to snag on brush. I use a 10 rounder in my 6.8 SPC. So even if a cartridge was limited to 3 round mags, I would not see that as an issue for a hunting rifle.

I understand that the Yeti has the more serious magazine issues than the 2 SOCOM cartridges or the .358 MGP. 

I have the .458 for up to 125 yards (my limit based on its ballistics) and a 6.8 SPC for up to 275 yards (again, my limit). I want something to throw larger diameter, heavier bullets than the 6.8 at ranges not practical for the .458. Like something that could be sighted in to keep the bullet path no more than 3" high or low from the muzzle to about 220 yards.

Please tell me which you think will best serve my needs along with your reasoning for that opinion. Include any ar-15 cartridges I didn't mention that you think would fit my requirements better. If I didn't mention them, I probably don't know about them.
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