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I have built several ar15s before but this is my first Lr260. 

It has a dpms lower upper and barrel. It has a kak industries bolt. 

At first my bolt was riding over my magazine and jamming the rounds. I fixed that by tightening up my mag release and now that works fine. 

The major issue is when I chamber a round I am unable to pull the charging handle to the rear without slamming the butt stock into the ground. I have the rifle and did not notice anything that is out of place. I am also able to recreate the with the barrel removed. 

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. 

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I don't understand what you mean by "recreating with barrel removed".

I have a DPMS LR308. I have noticed when the rifle gets dirty the action will seize up. But it seems that it has to sit in the bolt closed position for a while before it locks up. In other words if I close the bolt normally I can open it normally right away. If I close the bolt normally and go away for a while I come back to find it stuck. It's as if the gunk has "set" everything in place.

I've probably not been much help to you but if this happens with the barrel out its got to be related to the carrier?

How about firing the rifle? How many rounds have you fired?
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