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AR Hunting, Preparedness and Survival
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After researching bikes and even looking into conversions kits i when ahead and ordered an ebike. I looked at lots of them on the market and ended up going with a QuietKat Ranger with a 1000watt motor. I don't know enough about electricity to put together a bike with various vender parts and then i would have to deal with the controller box and battery. The Quiet kat Ranger has the controller and the battery integrated into the frame so out of the way. They also have a decent line of accessories to get and i throw in a trailer. I used there financing option to pay for it and plan to pay it off early. After its paid off i'll find a portable solar panel to haul in the trailer to keep it charged. That way i can get into remote areas and set up a spike camp. This summer i can use it to get behind forest service gates and do some rabbit hunting with my Henry AR-7 that packs away nicely into my backpack.

Where i hunt deer and bear in the southern Sierras has hundreds of miles of motorcycle trails that i will be able to stealthily slip through and get into areas that i would not have been able to get into and the deer and bear won't hear me coming.


I opted for the grey over the camo as i though the 100 bucks would be better invested in the trailer then a camo job and the grey is good enough although i would have preferred a coyote tan or a olive drab green. Maybe i'll pain it down the road. When i get it and go exploring and hunting off it i'll keep posting up pics and thought on this thread. I talked to Pete at Quietkat today about the bike and hunting off the bike and ideas to mount my rifle and all that and he said he would put up and ad over here to help support the forum. They may even join in some of the conversation. I bought the bike and will be free to share my opinions about it.

It will be interesting to see how far i can go in the mountains around where i live in in Pine Valley as i have Forest Service roads right near my house. I'm chucky so you folks will probably experience better mileage than me.

“What’s the secret of success? Right decisions. How do you make right decisions? Experience. How do you get experience? Wrong decisions.” – John Wayne

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