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AR Hunting, Preparedness and Survival
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Hi y'all! Chris Howard. Not so much a hunting enthusiast as I am an MSR enthusiast. We have several hunters in the family but other than duck and goose when I was growing up, never really got interested. I live near Charleston, SC with my wife of 25 years. I've also been in the Army in both active and reserve for 25 years now and still going. Of course, the military introduced me to the MSR with the old M-16 and over the last 10 years I've began buying or building my own. I've built a few 5.56, a 300BLK, one 6.5 Gredel and I'm about to finish another Grendel once the new barrel arrives from Craig. I sold the last one but this will be a keeper. I like bolt action rifles as well but have only had one Remington 700 .308 and a Howa Model 1500 .308. Both were awesome but sold to build...you guessed it...AR's.
Since I don't hunt, I'm fond of shooting paper and steel. Long ranges are tough here unless you're in a gun club but I have a friend who manages long range competitions up at Fort Gordon, GA. They have up to 1000 yards available there. Custom bolt guns are nice, but to me, a tricked out long shooting MSR is nicer.
Anyway, I'll probablt spend more time reading than writing. I usually don't get into discussions unless I have a question. I don't really shoot enough to give meaningful conversation on the science of shooting. I don't reload but may get into it eventually. At my ripe ole age of 48 I just enjoy sending copper and lead downrange and if I can hit some targets in a competition I'm happy. I am going home to Texas in December, hopefuly I'll get a change to go down to my dad's lease property near Coleman, TX. He usually gets his limit. I'll post some pics of the builds I've done in the appropriate forum down below.


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