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The problem between the AR-15 bolt pictured and the Scar is the Scar-17 (unless you meant Scar-16) is also intended for 7.62 class casings not Grendel (AR-15 platform)...comparing apples to oranges just not the same...now on the other hand if it was "combined" as a unit to be matched with a barrel and be out of "mil-spec extension" it would not be as big an issue.
Change the lug design/pattern from standard AR-15 to a barrel extension just for the bolt/barrel but redress it with 6 lugs (like the Scar-16) instead of 7 as in a an AR-15 (and increase the length by roughly 8% and see what you have...do the math). In this way you could change the bolt design to match the extension. I have not seen this with the Grendel and it could open other doors for other cartridges/modifications if you were so inclined. Only issue is not infringing on FN...
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