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Common Grendel Terms: 
Type II-Refers to a Grendel bolt that has a .136 bolt face recess. Does not necessarily refer to a Grendel II although a Grendel II uses a Type II bolt. 
Type I- Refers to a 7.62X39 bolt with a .125 bolt face recess these are commonly used with 264 LBC chambers.
SAAMI Grendel- Refers to a Grendel with a compound throat and .300in neck that conforms to the SAAMI documentation. Length of throat varies with reamer source. 
264 LBC- Refers to a Grendel with a .120in throat and .295 neck
Grendel II- Refers to original Grendel chamber with a .120in throat and a .300 neck. Not the same as Type II although it uses a type II bolt.

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