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Hello all, I hunt coyotes in MS which is mostly dense with scattered openings here in my part of the state. I am wondering if anyone in MS , LA, AL, GA & east TX hunts in the same type of terrain and cover that we have here in MS ( east central ) , mixed pine and hardwoods lots of privet hedge with scattered man made openings. Throw in a powerline ROW and the odd hay field. I see the wonderful tv shows out west where you can see for miles and wonder how the hunters from the shows would do in the southeast. I hunt coyotes because they eat my fawns in the summer. And mostly because there are to many of em. there are a lot of pastures here but most of my hunting is in the timber around grass patches. Who has some tips they could pass along? I am fairly successful for my part of the world I guess but I would like to relieve the world of coyotes. They respond fairly well to calls dependent upon time of year. Any help would be appreciated. Do it for the fawns !

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I am in MS too. Virtually 100% of my coyote hunting in associated with agriculture lands at night. Meaning I always have the luxury being able to keep a wide open area behind me and call toward the edges.

If you're having good success in the woods (which has got to be more difficult) I'd say keep doing what you're doing.

The few times I've tried to call in the woods have all been a complete skunk for me. Not even a sighting.

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