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alloutdoor.com has an article on brass vs steel casings. I read it for keeping up with my knowledge. I managed a gun shop in the 1970's, compete in tactical rifle,pistol, shotgun, National match. I built my first AR-15 during Vietnam. I'm currently building a 6.5 Grendel. But damn I'm hearing that there is a 6.5 creedmore AR in the works. I may have to try it!
any way, I found the article "interesting" as I find many conclusions skewed. However, my all original Vietnam era AR-15 definitely does not like steel case ammo. Breaks extractors. I hear extractor metallurgy is much better and this does not happen any more.

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Steel cases can still cause a problem with extraction and extractors. Beyond that, it is going to depend on where one is willing to compromise.  Steel cased cartridges are cheaper and will save one enough money to be able to afford the cost of replacing the barrel and may still be ahead in the long run money wise.  The down side is the barrels tend to wear out sooner because of the metals used in the projectiles of those cartridges (not to mention the wear and tear on the bolt being more).  And you can reload steel.

Running brass is more expensive but allows the barrel to live a longer useful life. Brass can be reloaded, which helps defer some of the higher costs of shooting brass but brass still tends to be a bit more expensive over time.

Me personally, while my rifles can run steel fine, I prefer to shoot brass and plan to eventually get into reloading.

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