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Folks, I had Bruce do several hundred 270 AR conversions for me and I'd like to offer a big thumbs up review here.  He does great work and he's great to work with.  No reservations - highly recommended.  [smile]


Originally Posted by biggdawg
I had my procedure pretty much down with the forster lathe as documented in my other posts, but with all the brass conversion i will be doing for the new 7mm Valkyrie AR i thought i would drop the coin on the 21st century lathe because it has angled cutters that let you turn into the shoulder.

All i can say is wow. This lathe works great.  It takes a little tinkering to get the depth of cut right so you don't cut into the shoulder too much, but it cuts easy and consistent.

I just run through the 277 expander and anneal, finishing with wet tumbling and a quick chamfer and deburr.

I give the 21st century lathe 5 stars out of 5 stars, it performs great and is a quality well built unit.

Here are some 308 Palma cases converted to 270 AR and turned with the new lathe:

The angled cutter:

Some x47 brass converted:

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