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AR Hunting, Preparedness and Survival
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Ethan Garman

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I've been hunting bear for going on 15 years now. Both with and without dogs. This year will be my first hunting with my ar-15. Just to get the ball rolling, I'll be taking out my 6.8 spc, and I'll be using the 110gr. Barnes tsx bullet. Any other setups, tips, general info or questions?

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Borrego Bob

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I was hunting with my son the season before last in the southern sierra. We were setting up camp down in an area called Monache. We needed to do a couple trips down a jeep round with our stuff to set up camp. After the first trip down my buddy was headed back up the jeep trail to get another load and was taking my son with him to help pack up the truck. I gave my son our AR-15 carbine load with a mag of hoghammers. Sure enough on the way back up they saw a Blackbear and all they had was the 556. My son didn't have a tag so he gave the rifle to my buddy who took a shot and missed or the round was not enough to bring down the bear. This year we'll have a 270AR and a 300 Reaper. Last year we tracked some bears that came pretty close to camp but never caught up to them with a couple Grendels. They were traveling on a trail and there prints were very clear in the silt. In California we can't use dogs or bait so its spot and stalk like hunting.


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