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I am building a new 6.5 Grendel. I received a Shilen 20" Stainless match barrel. I did not want a shiny barrel, did not want to paint, but something that would enhance performance. I looked into various coatings and settled on H&M metal processing. Black Nitride, Satin black, adds no appreciable thickness, high corrosion resistance, higher velocities. Go to their website and see what a good finish this is. they are a Industrial/Military coatings company, but will do one item for you. I sent 3 barrels, for a discount. Barrel looks GREAT! Contact: Adam Rittenberry, Firearms Division Coordinator, H&M Metal Processing. 330-745-3075. Google; H&M Metal Processing.

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There is a problem with having a barrel, Melonite treated or Nitrided as they call it AFTER the barrel extension is installed and the gas port drilled. The heat from the process will lessen the torque on the barrel extension.  Some day, some where that barrel extension will come loose. More than likely it will be when removing a muzzle device.

You could retorque the barrel extension after treatment but then the gas port will be out of alignment.


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