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Wonder if anyone has loaded the 120 grain Barnes #30320 designed for the 300 AAC in the 30 RAR?  Looks like it has a very long ogive and could end up with a too long C.O.L. for the magazine when seated with enough neck retention on the bullet shank.  On the other hand it could be an interesting deer/antelope bullet compared to the 130 gr. TTSX since it has a similar B.C. and possibly improved long range terminal ballistics given the Barnes TAC line is designed to open at a 1300 FPS minimum velocity.  I would guess 2900fps M.V. should be achievable which makes it an effective game round at 400+ yards (at least on paper).

Since Midway has them on sale and since I was going to pick up some more brass anyway (thanks for the post 204 AR!), guess I'll have to order a couple of boxes...

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