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AR Hunting, Preparedness and Survival
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Was hunting my stand in West Texas in the morning when about 0830 5 Doe walked about 300 yards due East. I have Identifiable features pre ranged. I hunt where they cross so it’s important to have ranges already set. I watched them about 10 minutes waiting for a buck that never showed. So I waited for one to give me a shot. The one I chose was about 280 yds. I set my dope to .8 MILs with my 16 in barrel from Odin works chambered one grendel. Sent it. I have a thunder beast ultra 7 can on the rifle so when first round hit her I’m sure they heard no noise other then the thud. Hit her little to far back but elevation was good. She ran about another 20 yards and gave me a perfect shot. Adjusted for my 300 yard dope 1.3 mils and hit her center shoulder. She dropped and didn’t budge. 123 grain sst off the shelf. Grendel is my go to gun. Very happy with the rifle and that the Doe gave me a shot at that range.

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