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I decided to check the distance to lands of some bullets I had. I forgot about these when I was loading the other day. This is in an 18" ARP barrel.

All the measurements are my COAL obtained by slitting a neck and fully seating with the bullet loaded long. Then I pushed it out from the muzzle end and measure, wash, rinse, repeat three times. These should help the few of us shooting this, of course measure your own.

Distance to lands:

100gr Amax 2.235

100gr Nosler Ballistic Tip 2.288

100gr Barnes TTSX 2.315

120gr Barnes TTSX 2.305

85gr Pure Precision 2.255

107 Sierra Match King 2.345

93gr Sierra Match King 2.245

I had a trip to the range with it yesterday. I got up to 2940fps with 107SMKs. The accuracy wasn't great but it wasn't terrible, they were jumping over 45 thou though. So that might explain a bit.

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nice data thanks for posting. i can't wait to get my brx made 


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