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Need technical advise...
I just finished my build and went to test fire and sight in my scope.
Barrel is 16" Satern carbine gas length barrel in an Aero Precision upper.
I'm Shooting various 300 gr Black Butterfly ammo and SBR 140 gr ARX ammo.
The 300 gr ammo ejects about 80% of the time but the SBR 140 ARX ammo ejects about 10% of he time. I get a "stovepipe" situation.
I'm using a regular "H" carbine buffer.
What are my options to get the rounds to eject consistently??
Heavier buffer?

steve satern

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I will post here about a trend we have been seeing. We have found that there are a number of bolt carriers that are grossly out of tolerance. At the least the rifle will not function reliably at the worst it can fire out of battery (bolt closed) which makes for a very dangerous situation. The slot for the cam pin should fit very closely. When assembled the the bolt with pin should not have virtually no play but should slide smoothly.

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I am in the middle of .458 build myself, and the size of shell ejecting out of a standard 1/2 in Milspec upper was an immidate concern for me. So, I contacted Tromix, the orginal manufacture of the .458, and they (Tony) told me that their upper is ported to .625 or 5/8 in to accommodate the larger shell casing.

I was trying to use a standard size upper from ATX Armory, and I wanted to know if there would be integration issues with Tromix's BCG and barrel with the ATX upper and ejection port size. Tony stated there would be. So, consider the ejection port as a possible cause for malfunction.
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