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AR Hunting, Preparedness and Survival
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Thought i would share my first AR pistol build that i did in my 45 VRAP.

I used a green mountain blank to spin the 11.5 inch barrel
harrells brake sits on the front all cerekoted in armor black. 
7" rail from a gun show vendor
bte adjustable gas block
legend left side charge upper that i milled out a notch on the left side so i didn't have to cut off the bolt release. i just had to grind a little off the top.
the lower is an anderson with a rise 3.5lb drop in trigger
sig brace
standard carbine buffer and spring

that rounds it out i am using the 450 bushmaster mags which work excellent for this round.

i took it to the range this weekend and recoil was manageable and the gun is very fun to shoot. it comes in at 6lbs 3 oz with out the sig brace on it. I found shooting it like a revolver seemed to work best. I did  have some fail to extract on saturday after inspection the extractor spring was week so i put an o ring under it and i polished the chamber and sunday it ran like a top. now i can't wait for my form 1 to come back i will be building a 10" can to use on it and my rifles.



Toby Burgess

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Looks great! Where can I get the barrel and bolt? Brass also, please?
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