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AR Hunting, Preparedness and Survival
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Borrego Bob

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One of the biggest developments over the last couple years has been the development of a whole family of cartridges for the AR-15 formed from the parent 308 family of brass. Constructor (Harrison Beene) has been instrumental in development of this new family. These new cartridges have enabled those willing to handload and do a little brass shaping with performance for long range target shooting and hunting not available before in the platform. The 30AR excluded but that cartridge has been plagued with doubts about Remingtons resolve to provide brass and building parts. In this thread i would like to seek a name for the entire family and get a complete list of these new cartridges and where contact info for those that are providing parts and reloading components. All the players in this new family of cartridges are members of this forum with there contact info provided below. 

6 BRX PM Constructor       http://www.ar15performance.com/
6.5 BRX PM Constructor    http://www.ar15performance.com/
30 BRX PM Constructor     http://www.ar15performance.com/
270AR  PM Constructor     http://www.ar15performance.com/
257 Bobcat PM Bigdawg
7mm Valkyrie AR PM Bigdawg Under Development 
224 Reaper Pm Whiskey3      https://whiskey3precisionsystems.com/ Under Development 
257 Reaper  Pm Whiskey3     https://whiskey3precisionsystems.com/ Under Development 
6mm Reaper  Pm Whiskey3    https://whiskey3precisionsystems.com/ Under Development 
6.8 Reaper Pm Whiskey3       https://whiskey3precisionsystems.com/ Under Development 
300 Reaper  Pm Whiskey3     https://whiskey3precisionsystems.com/ Under Development 
338 Reaper  Pm Whiskey3     https://whiskey3precisionsystems.com/ Under Development 
375 Reaper  Pm Whiskey3     https://whiskey3precisionsystems.com/ Under Development

“What’s the secret of success? Right decisions. How do you make right decisions? Experience. How do you get experience? Wrong decisions.” – John Wayne


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More on the way.  [wink]

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I made a bunch of 6BRs and 6BRXs for the AR15 before the 6.5BRX. The 6BRX was first made for a bolt gun by Bob Crone for a benchrest round.-

FYI those cats along with the SIX5, 5.56x42 and 30 Herrett are special projects and take a back seat to our high volume 5.56 and 6.8 barrels. They will
only be produced once or twice a year.  At this point I don't think the Nextgen 260 will be a big seller but the 308 may move into the main line.


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