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NOTICE---These are near max loads for the reason above. Be careful when using formed 308 brass start with a load at least 3 gr lower and workup. Accuracy will most likely be found 1/2gr -1gr below the max loads.

EDITED 12/14/14-
Quick testing in the shop today 59degrees-
Lapua brass, CCI450 primers, 20" production barrel, All bullets loaded to 2.300

37gr H335=2939fps@58kpsi
38gr CFE=2794@50Kpsi- max case fill

130 Berger #27501
36gr H335=2787@57kpsi
38grCFE=2723@51kpsi-max case fill
34gr N530=2820fps@58kpsi
35gr 8208=2750fps@55kpsi

Any loads approaching 57-58k should be considered maximum usable load.