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Hello, I was just wondering for all of those out there who have made a 270Ar caliber rifle how did you check the headspace. I cant seem to find any headspace gauges for this particular caliber. Is it something i need to have custom made.Thanks for any info.
mark david

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whidden dies has head space tool come with dies for 270ar may have to sell, I fire form and set back 5 thousands
Waterloo Kid

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Since the 270AR is a wildcat and you will likely convert your own brass or purchase converted brass, setting headspace to a 'standard's is not applicable.

Once the converted brass is fired,  it will take the shape of the chamber.  When the brass is sized during reloading, bump the shoulder back the minimum amount to allow for reliable clambering.  Most people bump the shoulder .003" to .005" during resizing.

Unless you have multiple rifles chambered in 270AR, the resized brass with the shoulder bumped .003" to .005" is properly 'headspaced' for your rifle.  If you have multiple rifles in 270AR, measure the fired brass using an appropriate gauge/method, and bump the shoulder for the shorter chamber or bump the brass for each rifle and keep the loaded ammo separated for the rifle the brass was sized for.

If you are converting your own brass, you can form the brass and push the shoulder back incrementally until the brass will chamber to minimize working the brass, but doing it this way can result in having the brass get stuck in the chamber.  

The best option if uncertain about how to proceed with converting brass is to initially purchase converted brass and once the dimensions of and the process of reloading for your chamber is understood, convert your own brass if desired.
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