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West Coast Survival Arms

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I have been researching long range builds (to 1K) and a friend of mine almost convinced me to build a 6.5-284. As much as I want to build it, 6.5-284 is a barrel burner. My next step was 6.5 Creedmore; but I dont want the weight. So, that (and Craig) let me to 6.5 Grendel.

It looks like I will build using an Aero Upper and lower, SLR Rifleworks 16.5 Solo Rail, Magpul PRS Stock, DSS 3# trigger and a BHW 22" barrel.

Not sure of the best twist; 1/9 or 1/8? Talked to BHW the other day and due to the type of rifling they use one of their 22's will produce the velocity of a 5R 24" barrel. Still have not decide to shoot a comp or a target crown.

Any tips?

Semper Fi,

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I'm far from an expert, but I do own a 20" BHW barrel. It's 1/9.
If I was doing it again, I'd opt for the 1/8 even though mine shoots fine.
It really depends on what bullets you'll be shooting. Mine seems fine with the 120-123gr pills, but I've NEVER heard of a bullet being over stabilized. I however have NO plans on shooting lighter bullets.
IMO If youre going to try to shoot heavier bullets than the 120-123gr's, definetly go with the 1/8.

Also there is a type I and type II 6.5 grendel chamber, AND they could be headspaced with a type I or type II bolt.
I do NOT believe the 264 lbc has a "type II" chamber variant as I type, but who knows...

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