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I have 100 of the Cutting Edge Match, Tactical, Hunting bullets. They are a full copper hollow point that are made with a swiss CNC machine. They have a BC of .500 so almost as good as a 123gr Amax. They are a long bullet though and super slick. I'm going to load then long to cut down on the jump to the lands and to make room for powder. They have a little "rib" thats designed to sit right on the case mouth. When loaded like intended they COAL is right at 2.32 which is longer than magazine length. This means that the magazine needs "notched" to allow loading to those lengths. The lands are at 2.34. Which would give me a jump of .02in. What are your thoughts on that jump?

Noticing a mag is fairly simple just draw the cut at about 1 1/4in down the mag and cut with a dremel.

The 120gr MTH loaded right at the rib is 2.32in. The rib is designed to trap gases behind the bullet to reduce fouling.

I'm measuring about 2.34 to the lands in my Satern grendel II barrel.


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